DeltaTherm is well suited to the following general engineering applications:
  • Verifying numerical and analytical models and calculations
  • Measuring stress concentrations and stress intensity factors
  • Surveying a structure for potential problem sites
  • Performing design comparisons
  • Tracking damage in composite materials

The DeltaTherm is an essential tool in the move towards complete integration of design, prototyping, and testing. It is the perfect partner to many important new technologies, such as

  • Rapid Prototyping: DeltaTherm can evaluate components produced by rapid prototyping technologies early in the design cycle.

  • Finite Element Analysis: DeltaTherm can be used to provide efficient full-field verification of the accuracy of finite element models.

  • Nondestructive Evaluation: DeltaTherm can also be used for thermal NDE.

The following are examples of specific DeltaTherm applications. Click on the image for further information about the example or use the arrows above to step through each specific application.
Automotive - Wheel
Automotive - FEA Analysis
Automotive - Connecting Rod

Aerospace - NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation)

Composites - Damage Evolution

Structural Metal Plate Connectors

Contact Stress Distribution Measurement

Hook and Clevis
Chain Link