DeltaTherm, by Stress Photonics, is a unique IR differential thermography system suited to Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA) and Thermal Nondestructive Evaluation (TNDE). By coupling special high-speed image processing electronics with a high-performance infrared array detector, it is now possible to image stresses in just seconds!

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Detailed analysis and high quality presentation is performed using Stress Photonics’ DeltaVision™ software. The software allows DeltaTherm users to take advantage of powerful Windows software and network resources to process and present data quickly and easily.


DeltaVision runs within Windows 95, or Windows NT operating systems. With simple cut and paste operations, DeltaVision is compatible with most word processors.



The DeltaTherm has many features that make operation simple.

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The DeltaTherm processing electronics provide a range of capabilities. Data collected from the infrared camera head is processed at hundreds of frames per second. The processed images can be sent to a computer display and/or to a video monitor for immediate display.

Computer Data Display

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DeltaTherm is remarkably fast. The detector array contains thousands of on-chip integrators which collect data simultaneously, producing a near-live full-field stress image.

The high-speed digital electronics correlate load and stress induced temperature changes for immediate video presentation of stress patterns.


When portability is required, DeltaTherm's small size and light weight make set up quick and easy.

  • A rugged portable computer with integral display and keyboard is available.

  • Complete system fits in two hand-carried cases.



    The DeltaTherm system includes:


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    The DeltaTherm Technical Specifications vary depending on the system (IR camera head). Choose from the list below for detailed technical specifications for that particular DeltaTherm system.

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