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Need to justify a Stress Photonics system?
Simple demonstrations may not have the scope needed to sell a program to management. Stress Photonics can apply its expertise and equipment to your problem for a nominal consulting fee. In many cases, the cost of the project can be partially discounted from the purchase price. Contact us and let us show the rest of your team what a Stress Photonics system can do for you.

Need a second opinion?
Stress Photonics can be a key asset in the solution of your biggest headaches. Let us make the impartial measurements that lead to solutions and not just the same old arguments.
Want to break new ground!
Do you have problems that can be solved with a Stress Photonics system and a new idea or two? Help us help you make these ideas happen so you can buy the system you really need. Stress Photonics will perform feasibility studies that will quickly and efficiently determine whether new applications are likely to be successful.
Feasibility study went well - time to build a system

Stress Photonics can tailor an inspection system to your exact requirements. If the measurement technique suites the application, we can find the embodiment that fits the practical requirements.

At Stress Photonics we stand behind our work.
Along with every system you'll recieve premium service from our knowledgable staff of experienced engineers.
Personnel turn over draining your lab of experienced users?
Let Stress Photonics rejuvenate existing users or create new ones with a personalized, on-site training course. Get the most out your investment. Learn the latest techniques and the newest software features.